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Teacher Training for the 21st Century

About Reach University

Welcome to Oxford Teachers College at Reach University!

We offer high-quality, job-embedded undergraduate degrees and teacher preparation programs for school employees.

Depending on the state where you are employed, you may be eligible to earn:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Global Education with Teaching Certificate (currently available in Louisiana and Arkansas)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies (currently available in Louisiana, Arkansas, California, and Alabama)

We are honored that you are considering Reach University, passionate about providing you with high-quality teacher preparation, and committed to your success as a whole person, academically, professionally, and personally.

As students in our program, you are role models, setting the example that college success is achievable for your students and families. As community members, you are choosing to give back, to serve, because you are committed about your place. As teachers, you will inspire and motivate students, provide them with care and nurturance, and support their development as the leaders of tomorrow.

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The Oxford Teachers College offers

Academic Excellence

We employ the Oxford Tutorial Method, focusing on discussion and interactive class sessions. Asynchronous and synchronous instruction respects students' time, where some learning is collaborative and some work can be completed individually.

Personalized Student Services Support

We provide partnerships with districts to provide students with access and local supports, a one on one advisor to support you throughout the program, a mentor to guide you through student teaching, and weekly study halls to support your learning.

Complete College Services

Financial aid, library services, instructional technology support, and a wide variety of resources are available to promote the success of our community of students.