Do you believe that great teaching is at the heart of every great school? Would you like to impact public education within your community? Are you interested in becoming a teacher?

If so, Oxford Teacher College at Reach University is the is the institution for you. Our mission is to help schools grow their own highly effective teachers and leaders, pursuing equity in underserved urban and rural communities. We give the adults currently helping out in a school the opportunity to become teachers through our Global Education program. Participants complete a job-embedded undergraduate degree in 4 years. 

Oxford Teachers College at Reach is:

  • Affordable: Students who qualify pay $75/month;
  • Online: Classes are online, after dinner time, two days per week; and
  • Job-embedded: Your work with children (10+ hours per week) counts for credit.

How Does It Work?

Participants earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Education in 4 years

The program uses a Distance Learning and Residency Model.

Distance Learning

  • Full-time course load every semester.
  • 15 week fall and spring semester.
  • 7 week summer semester.
  • 12-15 credits per semester.
  • Oxford Tutorial Model.

Residency Model

  • Work experience applies towards your degree.
  • 10 to 15 hours required in years one and two.
  • 20 to 25 hours required in years three and four.

What to know

The Application Period for the 2021-2022 Bachelor’s in Global Education is now open. 

To be eligible to apply, you must meet all requirements:

  • Hold a High School Diploma or GED Equivalent.

  • Work with children for 10-15 hours per week.

  • Work for one of our school partners.

Interested in applying to become a great teacher for your community?

Click Apply Now below to start your online application. Or you can schedule time to complete your application with the help of an enrollment adviser by clicking Speak with Enrollment Adviser.

For specific questions about transfer credits, please contact


Oxford Teachers College at Reach University has reduced the cost of earning a Bachelor’s Degree by $28,000.

The tuitions for the Bachelor’s In Global Education Program is $7,900 per school year; however, after scholarships, the out-of-pocket cost to students is $900 annually. This is possible through our grant-sharing program.

  • When students complete a financial aid application, $7,000 of the annual tuition is covered through grants or scholarships.

  • Students pay just $75/month or $900/year to cover all fees, books, and materials.

  • Our graduates are debt free.

Any questions? 

Our Admissions FAQ page might be able to help.

For specific questions about transfer credits, please contact admissions at