Services Available

The library performs an ongoing review of course syllabi to identify:

Please ensure that the librarian has access to your current or most recent syllabus, whether that means a prior or upcoming occurrence of a course.

In addition to this regular task, the library is here to assist faculty in your role as both teacher and scholar in the following areas:

1. Information Literacy

2. Acquisitions

3. Research Assistance

Teachers are scholars, too. The library can help you in your research by setting up relevant literature alerts, creating personalized LibGuides for your reference, or assisting you in search optimization.

Contact the Library


Emails received during posted hours will receive a response within an hour. Outside of posted hours, we do our best to respond to emails within 24 hours whenever possible– you can usually expect to hear back within an hour of the next set library hours beginning. To reach the library via email, write to library@reach.edu, or contact the library director at aeiben@reach.edu.


During posted hours, chats receive an immediate response.


Pending designated phone number.

Additional Services

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