Global Education Program Overview


Hello, prospective student! We are honored by your interest in our program and excited to explain how our Bachelors in Global Education works.

Here’s an overview of the Global Education program, including highlights, important details, and relevant information to help you decide whether we are the right pathway for you to become a licensed teacher. For more information, please reach out to our recruitment team at

What is OTC?

Oxford Teachers College (OTC) is the undergraduate, teacher’s college at Reach University. OTC is accredited, not for profit, and certified for teacher licensure in several states. We are a new college of education dedicated to serving Independent students and under served communities. Our program is built for the Future Educator; someone already working with children, passionate about education, and committed to the community. Traveling long distances, taking large student loans, and not being to work while in school are traditional barriers to access for these students. Our program gives students access to high quality teacher preparation without taking on debt, leaving the community, or having to quit work.

How does the program work?

OTC partners with local school systems (districts, parishes, charters, and program providers) to identify adults who will become excellent teachers for their communities. We offer our hybrid learning model, exclusively, to the people that our partners recommend. Our innovative model combines online classes with residency based learning experiences to ensure that learning is high quality, practical, and timely.

The academic program is full-time. That means that all students take a full course load every semester. Our program is also full time as in year-round. We have 15 week semesters in the Fall and Spring, where students will take 15 credits. We have a 7-week semester in the summer, when students take 10 credits.

What is the hybrid model?

Online Courses

We use the Oxford Tutorial Method, which is discussion and debate-based. Students should expect classes two nights per week and every other Saturday morning. We ask all students to hold Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from 7-10:30pm for us to schedule classes. The actual schedule will only be two of the reserved days (e.g. Tues/Thurs, or Tues/Weds) Saturday sessions are held from 8-11am (+/- one hour depending on time zone).

*In total, for in-person classes, assignments, and readings, students should expect to spend 20-25 hours per week on studies.

Sample schedule (click image to zoom)

Residency-based program

All of our students work in child-facing, academic positions before they start the program. We utilize your on-the-job experience to the benefit of our education. During the first 2 years, students must have 10-15 hours per week of access to teaching. Typically, there are not additional programmatic responsibilities during this time. During years 3 and 4, students must have 20-25 hours per week of access to teaching. Think of it as student teaching spread out over two years- you get about 130% of the required hours (depending on state) without having to give up your salary.

What you need to know:

How much does OTC cost?

Our tuition is $7,900 for each school year. Our students have two financial responsibilities.

Who is eligible to apply to OTC@Reach?

1. To be eligible for OTC, you must meet all of the following conditions:

2. Should I apply to OTC? Deciding to go to college and choosing the right school are personal decisions to be made by individuals and their families. Before applying to OTC, you should complete the following steps:

NOTE: If you do not currently work for a public school system, additional documentation is required, including: A) Obtained proof of citizenship status and B) Passed a background check

Things to think about

Comparing OTC to traditional programs

OTA is… OTA is not…
A 4-year program for most students
A 2.5-year program for transfer students
Degree completion
Degree finishing
A short cut into the classroom
Teaching degree- so all coursework focuses on teaching General studies degree-coursework includes General Education Requirements that focus on all topics and subjects
OTA uses Grants to pay for over 85% of student tuition OTA DOES NOT USE LOANS
An accredited program offering bachelor’s degrees A certification program for students who have a bachelor’s degree